Monday, October 26, 2009

Does This Sound Good, or What?

Paul Krugman, in today's New York Times:

"Still, if the Massachusetts experience is any guide, health care reform will have broad public support once it’s in place and the scare stories are proved false. The new health care system will be criticized; people will demand changes and improvements; but only a small minority will want reform reversed.

This thing is going to work."

Man. Coming from the Chicken Little of economics, that sounds so great to me. Krugman has been so pessimistic for so long, that to hear him saying this is a wonderful thing.

It could still go all wrong, if the Olympia Snowes and Max Baucuses of this world have their way, but right now, things look good.

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Derek said...

Georgia: Insurance coverage cost $200

Massachusetts: Insurance coverage cost $600 (with "universal coverage"!)

Georgia: Average wait for appointment 11 days

Massachusetts: Average wait for appointment 50 days