Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

"Formal education, especially a Ph.D. is a heavy indoctrination for a woman to shake off.

-Henry Makow, Ph.D. and frequent (involuntary) Wingnut Wrapup contributor.  Apparently having a Ph.D. is okay for guys.

Just thought I'd get us off to a good start today.  Here's the rest:

Oliver North, Town Hall:  "While victims still were being triaged by trauma teams at University Medical Center, we were "informed" that the killer was a "tea party activist" motivated to violence by "extremist right-wing rhetoric."

1. "informed" that the killer was a "tea party activist" - no we weren't, or the traitor and drug dealer Oliver North would have given us an example or two, which he didn't.

2. " motivated to violence by "extremist right-wing rhetoric." - He was.

One sentence, one lie, one gross evasion of responsibility.  About par for the course for Ollie.

Haley Barbour:  "GOP must recognize it doesn't run gov't...Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on Friday told Republicans newly in charge of the U.S. House that they must keep voters' frustrations with the nation's lagging economy focused on Democrats who still run the Senate and control the White House."

Translation into English:  The GOP's main task in the next two years is to endlessly blame the Democrats for the near-depression caused by Republican economic cant.  It worked last November.

Art Horn, Pajamas Media:  "How Much of Your Money Wasted on ‘Climate Change’? Try $10.6 Million a Day"

That would be $3.9 billion a year.  How does that compare to the $2 trillion the Bush Administration wasted in Iraq?   And by the way, I guess the "wasted" thing is only true if you don't give a damn about what kind of life your children and grandchildren have to live, and think it's a good idea to trade their economic security in on more money for the rich.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Obama Praises Congress For How They Honored Giffords… Forgets Dems’ Vicious Slander Against Conservatives & Tea Party"

Damn that Obama.  Once again, he forgot something that didn't happen.  Jim continues:

"Afterward, an on-scene correspondent said, "It was as though the president had become reporter in chief." Thus far, no one has described Obama as "healer in chief."

Or else Jim could have had an opportunity to ridicule Obama for that.

Donald Lambro, Town Hall:  "Obama's Rebound Numbers are Misleading"

Who you going to believe, your lying eyes or Donald's lying mouth?  After all, the numbers come from scientists, and we all know how much we can trust them, at least compared to paid right wing hacks.

Red State:  "Together We Thrive? The Marxist Message Behind the Memorial..., the message  was one of those Marxist, Collectivist dribblings that is the cause of so much criticism from the Right over the past two years... the White House is okey-dokey with the anti-free market message, as well as the references back to indentured servitude and slavery. There is nothing “healing” in that message."

Yup, the slogan "Together we Thrive"- a radical Communist slogan, right up there with "All power to the People" and "Arise ye wretched of the Earth."  No decent Christian Americans would ever believe that sort of Socialistic (and probably Muslim too) lie.


Not the one that you guys are on, that's for sure.  Really, has anyone ever said anything so patently stupid in all of history?

And talking about news from another planet:

Friedrich Hansen, The Brussels Journal:  "Greens, now the second largest party, will have a lot more clout soon to implement their target of running Europes biggest economy on 100% “clean” energy by 2050...The sunflower has come to symbolize this irrational obsession in the West which is probably best explained as a remote echo of Hitlers engrained anti-nuclear bias."

Yes indeed: Environmentalism- the return of Hitler. Of course everything that doesn't involve tax cuts for white people is the return of Hitler.  I'm sure you've figured that out by now.

Gateway Pundit:  "“I have been shocked at the reports from those suggesting that former Governor Sarah Palin has some level of responsibility for the horrific shooting in Arizona,” (Reverend Franklin) Graham said in the statement posted Tuesday...Graham went on to praise Palin as “a kind and compassionate, God-fearing woman who believes with all her heart that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

Well, I guess that makes it clear what we can make of the opinion of Franklin Graham.  Sarah Palin is a self-absorbed, greedy, conscienceless demagogue, and anyone who can't recognize that fact has no business shooting their mouth off in public about anything, let alone passing themselves off as a man of God.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "AP Praises Hateful Radical Dupnik – Links Shooting Rampage to Arizona’s Politics of “Shame”

Dupnik is a county Sheriff in Arizona.  One word of criticism of the right, and all of a sudden he is a "hateful radical."  If I were the rest of you out there, I'd just keep your Goddamn mouths shut from now on...unless you want to blame liberals for everything. Then, anything you want to say is okay.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  "When all else fails, blame Farah"

How about this instead:  When all else fails, let's get a cheap laugh out of Farah, and then move on to something that makes some sense.

And now let's check in with our newly annointed Grande Conservative Blogress Diva:

Robin of Berkeley:  "Jared Loughner didn't shoot people because he was a conservative or a liberal.  His madness had nothing to do with whether he listened to Rush or voted for Obama....Somewhere down the line, Loughner may have made decisions that poisoned his soul, perhaps through devil worship."

Devil worship.  Well, that's certainly a theory worth investigating, right?  Robin continues with her highly informative comment:

"The left denies that evil forces exist because they deny God. "

Wrong, Robin.  We don't need God to believe in evil.  We still remember Dick Cheney.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Black tea partier encourages whites to call out black race exploiters."

And who are these exploiters?  Number one target- Whoopi Goldberg.  Number two target- Jesse Jackson Jr.  Number three target?  Oops, there isn't one.  An actress and a minor congressman were the only ones he could think of.  If you need reminding who Lloyd is:

"Lloyd Marcus is the songwriter and vocalist of the "American Tea Party Anthem."

Please, don't google the "American Tea Party Anthem."  Take my word for it.  Don't make the same mistake I did.  It wouldn't be good for you.  Try this instead.   Really.


magpie said...

"The sunflower has come to symbolize this irrational obsession in the West which is probably best explained as a remote echo of Hitlers engrained anti-nuclear bias."

Foolishly goes to source of quotation... finds this:

"Francis Fukuyama in his End of History got it right: the Nazi regime lasted too short to be fully understood"

Dead millions would say it wasn't too short by a long shot... but anyway...

"Carl Amery's book about the green credentials of Adolf Hitler, published in 1998, was never translated into English; however the title “Hitler as Predecessor” (of todays environmentalists) tells it all."

Bloody obvious why no-one could be arsed to translate it then...

"This odd plant has made its appearance on the Apple iPhone at the very time when Steve Jobs went out of his way to castigate American businesses over anthropogenic global warming"

Don't use your iPhone, lest you be a Nazi sympathiser... apparently Jobs is Goebbels reborn.

"At the very time of aggressive secular attempts to abolish the Cross from the public arena in the West, pagan symbols like tattoos, piercings and sunflowers are spreading all over the place."

I see. "Hot and Horny" as a tattoo is subversive.

"Judeo-Christian heritage used to be the genuine source of the notion of freedom."

It also used to be the genuine source of the Spanish Inquisition.

Green Eagle said...

They have been bred (mainly by their evangelical churches) that it is immoral to exercise their own judgement; they are required to accept whatever their leaders tell them without thought; and as is inevitable, once the leaders produced this mob of ignorant, pliant followers, they are going to use it to pursue their own goals.