Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

How about a little taste of the crazy?

Mike Adams, Town Hall:  "Georgia Tech student Justin Myers recently had a very bad evening. He was expecting guests in his dorm room when four armed intruders greeted him at the door. They were able to steal merchandise and knock out two of the 19-year old student’s teeth for two principal reasons: 1) Armed robbers are always armed, and 2) Georgia Tech students are never allowed to have firearms on campus."

And what did they steal?

"...a 22-inch Panasonic television, a laptop computer, a cell phone, and $6 in cash were seized."

Far better for there to have been a gunfight in a college dorm.

Now, here is an amusing example of accuracy in right wing reporting:

Night Twister, Red State:  "University Study Confirms Renewable Energy Isn’t Economically Feasible...Colorado State University recently completed a study on the economic feasibility of increasing the usage of renewable energy. The results of this study were published in the world-renowned science periodical, The Coloradoan."

The "world-renowned science periodical, the Coloradoan."  No kidding- that's what it says. Here are a couple of other stories published in the same issue of the "world-renowned science periodical, The Colorodoan:"

"Police arrest trucker after alleged Greeley crime spree"
"Larimer County offices closed Friday for holiday"
And the highly scientific "Post your holiday pet photos"

In fact, The Coloradoan is a local newspaper, not a "science periodical."  So that's lie one.  Now on to lie two:  Here are a couple of excerpts from the article that is referred to by Red State:

"Wind farm future questionable, but CSU committed to reducing emissions...While Colorado State University has made a series of small- and medium-sized steps, administrators say transforming the university's operations will take far longer than initially expected...the university can't afford to make major changes right now. "

So the article in fact did not condemn the entire idea of renewable energy as impossible, as this Red State article would have you believe, but only said it would take longer than they thought to accomplish this at one university.  Of course, the people at Red State count on their stupid and ignorant readers not to check out the actual source, but rather to just buy their lies.  As they inevitably do.  Well, on with the stupid:

Brandon Griefe, Red State:  "Investing in Math and Sciences First Requires Entitlement Reform"

Right- more money for the rich, less for everyone else, then maybe we'll worry about educating our kids.  Not promising, mind you.  Just maybe we'll give you some crumbs after you capitulate to us.

Now, is there anyone on earth stupider than Jonah Goldberg?  (hint for the uninformed: the answer is no.)

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "As a sexual lifestyle experiment, (gays) failed pretty miserably, the greatest proof being that the affluent and educated children of the baby boomers have re-embraced the bourgeois notion of marriage as an essential part of a successful life."

Because if there is one thing that gays don't want, it is marriage.  Why, haven't they spent most of their political capital working as hard as they can to see that they will never have to get married?

Jonah Goldberg- his mother's dirtiest trick.

Tony Blankley, Town Hall:  "Don't believe all the Washington talk that President Obama had a great lame duck session and goes into the new year and the new 112th congress with the whip hand. Utter nonsense."

Right. Don't you DARE believe that!  Believe what a paid liar tells you, instead.  That's how to keep our country great.

Brent Bozell, Town Hall:  "Fox News Makes You Stupid?"


And now this frightening news:


Is nothing sacred?  Our culture is destroyed now.  I just hope the liberals keep their filthy hands off of Heckel and Jeckel.


Prediction: in 2013, O astute ones, you will be just as big a bunch of assholes as you are now.

David Solway, Pajamas Media:  "There is probably no one more qualified for the White House than Sarah Palin...Her speeches during the recent congressional elections...revealed a meticulous command of the domestic issues currently bedeviling the nation as well as a finely nuanced understanding of America’s failures in international diplomacy."

Can't believe that anyone would be stupid enough to believe such a preposterous load of sewage?  Here is a link to this three-page article, which will curl your hair with its unapologetic dishonesty.  I usually never legitimize these wingnut loons with a link, but this article, from beginning to end, is a classic example of the willingness of right wingers to claim to believe whatever they damned please.  If you're interested in how far from reality these people have strayed, see how much of it you can stand.

Sher Zieve, Renew America:  "TSA, Youth Corps now officially part of Obama Gestapo and Marxist senators vow to create official dictatorship"

Official dictatorship.  Man, I missed that story in the New York Times.  Damned liberal media.

World Net Daily:  "New eligibility challenge reaches Supreme Court"

Translation:  New eligibility challenge was rejected out of hand by every lower court that heard it, so now its idiotic backers are wasting more money and government time on a useless appeal.

World Net Daily:  "Hawaii guv suddenly 'mum' on Obama birth 'certificate'...After blizzard of attacks on 'birthers,' Abercrombie now avoids interviews"

Translation:  Hawaii's governor refused to give an interview to the birther jackasses at World Net Daily.

Astute Bloggers:  "The Obamas plan one more day in Hawaii...No show of respect for the American people or their duly elected representatives."

Obama's taking an extra vacation day- what an insult to the American people.  Man, conservatives are scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to smears.

Warner Todd Huston, Right Wing News:  "Stagehands Extort Hundreds of Thousands From Theater Goers...Stagehands Extort Hundreds of Thousands From Theater Goers...Unions have nothing at all to do with insuring a "fair salary" for members. How can $400,000 a year be a "fair" salary for a guy that raises curtains and moves chairs or plugs in extension cords? The stagehands union is in it to extort exorbitant pay scales that hurt everyone, customer and businessman alike. In this way they aren't any different than any other union. It's little else but a legalized extortion racket."

Well, after 25 years working on a number of the biggest movies and TV shows in Hollywood, I doubt that any grips or stagehands are making this kind of money, but if they are, it's the result of a contract negotiation agreed to by both sides.   Isn't is funny that it is absolutely out of bounds in our free society to question the billions that hedge fund managers and Wall Street traders make as a reward for raping our economy, but that it's okay to decide that working people, whose pay has no real effect on us at all,don't have the right to make a good living?

Expect a lot more of this kind of talk in the next two years, as Republicans try to savage Social Security and Medicare, so they can loot more for their rich backers.

Town Hall News:  "Obama Claims New Year Must Bring Cooperation... After shoving through a controversial agenda with a Democrat-dominated government, Obama claims the GOP must compromise with him now that his party has been kicked out."

"Kicked out" of course being Republican speak for still controlling the White House and the Senate.  And of course the notion of cooperation is absurd, because the Republican party's highest purpose is to destroy Obama and the Democrats, and the nation be damned.


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