Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's All So Clear Now

Arizona Congressman Trent Frank makes it all make sense for us:

"Sometimes in any human dynamic there are so many factors that it becomes difficult to really analyze it. But sometimes you can see a central element, and that central element is this unhinged lunatic that had no respect for human life was willing to make some grand statement, I don't know if he even knows what grand statement he was willing to make to take the lives of his fellow human lives to do it. And there is the problem, a lack of respect for innocent human life. It's a lack of respect for the constitution, for freedom."

Aah, now I see.   "A lack of respect for innocent human life." You are all familiar enough with right wing speak at this point to understand that, right?

"A lack of respect for innocent human life."  It is all the fault of abortion.  Thanks for taking the time to share that with us, Congressman Frank.

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