Friday, January 21, 2011

Terrorist Update for Today

And yes, it is getting to be a daily thing.  Nice country we live in here.  Actually, there are two things to report today:

First, someone doesn't like Jerry Brown:

Terrorist threats to murder California Governor Jerry Brown are being taken very seriously by the police.

"Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, spokesman for the Santa Ana Police Department, said one of the messages read, "we gonna kill Gov. Brown 2/14/11."  The other said "27 more days 4 Brown" and included a swastika."

I'm sure we will be reading any day now at right wing blogs how this is the work of liberals too.

And second, today is the start of the murder trial in Tucson of Shawna Forde.  Remember her?

Don't mess with this mama. She is the white supremacist, anti-immigrant racist who led a minuteman group which attacked a house they believed to be inhabited by a Hispanic drug dealer.  Oops, wrong house...however they did succeed in murdering a totally innocent man and his nine year old daughter, in a spectacular example of justice, right wing style.

A couple of remarks from Shawna's fellow racists:

"This is not what Minutemen do," said member Chuck Stonex"

Sorry Chuck...apparently it is.

And this amusing article:

"11 Reasons Why Shawna Forde Can't Get a Fair Trial in Pima County (Tucson)
 1. Pima County is a satellite of Mexico"

Honestly, I don't think we need to cover the other ten reasons.

It is also reported that Shawna has filed a complaint with the ACLU.  You've just got to laugh.


magpie said...

I hadn't previously heard of the Forde case... shocking.

You might want to add the pic of the victims from the Wikipedia page. Ask your trolls to look into the eyes of that little girl and say "yes a country awash with guns run by the Right is just dandy".

And why isn't this all front page news?
Don't bother answering - the question is rhetorical.

flavor411 said...

The national 'media' seems to have thrown this crime down the memory hole

Anonymous said...

we gonna kill? Yeah that sounds like a white supremacist....not.

Dave Dubya said...

Gee, I wonder if a Reich Winger would be clever enough to frame hatred in fake ebonics? Nah, they never race bait, do they?

Green Eagle said...

Can't be true. They are all white people and white people are the victims of racism. Haven't they told you that often enough for you to believe it? What kind of patriot are you?