Saturday, January 29, 2011


Good or bad?  Who can tell at this point?

I see that protests have now spread to the normally peaceful Jordan, a country with its own share of congenital problems. The next few weeks promise to be interesting.


Octopus said...

With spontaneous combustion spreading throughout the Mid East, it would be helpful if Israel and the Palestinians would get together and at least put out one fire.

Green Eagle said...

Well, that's for sure. Unfortunately, the likely beneficiaries of this unrest, the "Islamists," would only construe a deal between Israel and the Palestinians as a gigantic sellout, and use it to generate more violence. Remember, when you speak generically of the Palestinians, you are including Hamas, which is committed to the extermination of Jews everywhere in the world. Not much room for a deal there.

magpie said...

Let's hope for reform, not revolution.

BTW you might be interested in the following comment:

" Predictably, Fox News' fear and loathing of Muslims was front and center in their coverage of the Egypt demonstrations.... But Sean Hannity took partisanship to new heights - or depths - when he "asked" if there wasn't a connection between the uprising and Democrats being in power in the USA. Not that he was able to make any real connection - you know... the kind he and his colleagues demanded when they attacked those who suggested there might be a link between right-wing violent rhetoric and the Tucson massacre ...

...what Sean Hannity characterized as an "uprising" in Iraq is what I and many others call an "invasion." And it's not as though everything is just peachy there, either. Second, how about the Velvet Revolution? Poland's Solidarity movement? Both of those uprisings ended with democracies.
Or were those good uprisings because white people were trying to overthrow communists during the Reagan era, instead of Muslims trying to overthrow an American-backed dictator in the age of Obama?"

Green Eagle said...

Let's not forget that we have the very unfortunate government in Iran to deal with because it took religious fanaticism to stand up to and overthrow a vicious dictator that was backed to the hilt by our government for decades.