Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup- Special "My Motherland" Edition

Here's a classic example of the growth of a right wing smear.  A big issue on the right the last week or so centers on a song, entitled "My Motherland," played by a Chinese pianist at the recent White House dinner for the head of the Chinese government.  If you start searching around, you will find literally hundreds of web posts concerning this incident.  I'm only going to annoy you with a few of them:

Rightpundits:  "So, we go from a president that has traveled the world to apologize for the U.S.A. and to bow to the ground before kings and other dictators to now having that same president allowing an anti-American propaganda song to be played at an official state dinner right here at home!...this fits with Obama’s agenda. Humiliating the U.S. among foreigners is his stock-in-trade."

Nicholas Eberstadt, The American (publication of the American Enterprise Institute:)  "A State Insult with Chinese Characteristics...“My Motherland” is not a “Chinese song” in any ordinary meaning of the term. Instead, it is a Mao-era propaganda classic: the theme from "Triangle Hill" (Shangganling), a film in which heroic Chinese forces fight, kill, and eventually beat Americans in pitched battle during the Korean War."

Christy Satterfield, World Net Daily:  "Lang Lang thought he was so clever. He was chosen to perform at the elaborate butt-kissing marathon hosted by Obama. He played a song for patriots – anti-American patriots that is. The song is called "My Motherland," and it is more than offensive; it's downright hateful. The song was featured in a 1956 film known as "Battle on Shangangling." It's about greeting "jackals," aka American soldiers with rifles...Obama probably didn't even realize what was happening. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he enjoyed Lang's musical rendition of "I hate America."

He has helped our enemy embarass us in front of the entire world. Who in their right mind would respect us now? Obama allowed us to be humiliated. He allowed Lang and Hu to spit in our face. He's made us appear weak and inferior.

And where would an ugly smear be without Jim Hoft to jump onboard?   Here's Jim's contribution:

"White House Says Pro-Commie Anti-American Song Played at Obama White House State Dinner Was Not an Insult...The White House claims that the anti-American song played at the Obama White House State Dinner was not an insult.

That’s bold… Maybe they liked it?"

There are tons more like this, all filled with the same "facts" and the same hatred and contempt.

Now it's Green Eagle's turn for a little contempt.  I googled "My Motherland."  Total time involved, under one minute. Here's page one of the Google search:

 As you can see, the second link is to Wikipedia.  I found this there:

"Although the song was written for the movie about Korean War in 1950s, there is no mention of the war at all. It describes a soldier (or anyone who is away from home) thinking about his home and his family. Thus, this song is extremely popular even when the movie itself is almost forgotten."

What's more, the same Wikipedia article actually contains the words to this song:

"A great river flows, its waves wide and calm
Wind blows through rice flowers, bearing fragrance to both shores
My family live right there by the water
I am used to hearing the punters' call
And seeing the white sails on the boats

A great river flows, its waves wide and calm
Wind blows through rice flowers, bearing fragrance to both shores
My family live right there by the water
I am used to hearing the punters' call
And seeing the white sails on the boats

This is the beautiful motherland
The place where I grew up
On this expansive stretch of land
Everywhere there is wonderful scenery to behold

The young ladies are like flowers
The young men's hearts are big and determined
In order to usher in a new era
They've woken the sleeping mountains
And changed the face of the river

This is the heroic motherland
The place where I grew up
On this stretch of ancient land
There is youthful vigour everywhere

Great mountains, great rivers, a great land
Every road is broad and wide
If the friends come, there is fine wine
But if the wolves come
Those who greet him have hunting guns

This is the strong motherland
The place where I grew up
On this stretch of warm and friendly land
There is peaceful sunshine everywhere"

Real anti-American propaganda, huh?

There's nothing they won't lie about; there's nothing they won't use to concoct a smear; and there will never be an occasion when they do the right thing.  And if you haven't figured that out by now (I'm speaking to you, O mainstream media) you are barely less stupid and ignorant than their followers.


magpie said...

Waltzing Matilda is micro-printed into pages of our passports as a counter-measure to forgery. The song is actually about a sheep thief.

Every time a US immigration officer stamps a visa onto it, an American sheep vanishes off the face the Earth... such is the power of our song.

Beware decadent American sheep, we come for YOU.

magpie said...

Beg pardon, that was probably a bit oblique.

In any case China is the number 2 economy in the world now, and a key to potential resolution - or at least containment - of the problem of North Korea.

They could sing a Rick Astley song for all anyone should care, as long as there is dialogue.

Green Eagle said...

Wait a minute there, Magpie. Rick Astley? Now you really have gone too far. Rick rolling President Obama right in front of his face really would be an insult to the American people, probably calling for the firing of several hundred missiles at someone or other.

Semen Rendi said...
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