Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not a Significant Story- Please Ignore

From a Seattle newspaper, this story, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything going on today, and will consequently be ignored by just about everyone:

"A California man accused of threatening to kill Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott has been arrested and charged in federal court.  Charles Turner Habermann -- a 32-year-old Palm Springs, Calif., resident...was arrested Wednesday morning on allegations that he made threatening phone calls to the office of the Seattle Democrat late last year.

According to charging documents, Habermann to have threatened to kill McDermott's friends and family, then, in the second call, threatened to put McDermott "in the trash."

"He said he was trying to scare them before they spent money that didn't belong to them," FBI Special Agent Dean Giboney told the court...Habermann also disparaged Democrats for their views on tax cuts and unemployment insurance, according to the statement.

In one (phone call), the caller was heard calling McDermott "a piece of human filth," "a communist," and a "piece of (expletive) garbage."

Federal prosecutors contend Habermann was investigated in March after making similar threats against a member of the California State Assembly.

In that instance, Habermann was escorted from the assembly member's office.

"During the meeting Habermann began ranting about the current federal health care bill and how Habermann was 'very well off' and did not want to support immigrants and Latinos..."

But of course, this guy is just a lone lunatic too, and it would be a blood libel to suggest that his views are in any way related to the exact same pack of lies that have been incessantly spread by the Republican party for the last two years, or that his murderous anger was in any way a product of the hatred  projected as a matter of course by Republican spokesmen.  No, in fact, he's probably a liberal.


St. Joan said...

I realize that some folks would consider you an extremist, G.E., but I'm seeing your posts, 'connecting the dots', and it looks like solid sense to me.

Anonymous said...

well who should we credit to Sarah Palin getting death threats.
I won't hold my breath.
For one straight week the left ha been smearing the right and when the right defense themselves it' time for discourse. I have an idea let the media bash the left for one week straight and the left keep silent.
The Daily KOS targeted tha Disctrict and the guy was influned by leftist Karl Marx.
Remeber When Eric Cantor got death threats adn his window was shot up? Of course you don't.
Obama was the one who said bring a gun. Looks like he took his advice.

tnlib said...

Anon: If you'd learn to speak/write English, it would help.
The incident involving Cantor turned out to be nothing that he claimed it to be. What death threats on Sarah? Please substantiate. I know this is written too clearly for you to understand, but give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Green Eagle said...


First of all, Eric Cantor's window was not "shot up." The trajectory of the bullet indicated that it had been shot in the air, and could not have been aimed at the office Cantor occasionally used. You know this perfectly well, since the second link you provided stated "Local police later determined the bullet shot through Cantor's office was the result of random gunfire," yet you are so desperate to find some left-wing attack on Republicans, that you will come here and lie.

Second: Relating to the person who was arrested for threats against Cantor, one Norman Leboon: Leboon had this to say: "He told the FBI, according to the affidavit, that he is the “son of the god of Enoch” Religious imagery like this hardly fits with the notion that he is some sort of leftist. For the information of readers, Enoch is a significant figure in Mormon theology, and is also regarded by some, like the antisemitic right wing Christian Hagee, to have appeared in the Book of Revelation.

If you took five minutes to google Leboon, you would have discovered that he made threats against all sorts of people, often with apocalyptic religious imagery: also a sign that he is not a leftist.

When you alleged that this guy was "influenced" by "Leftist Marx," it's funny that you forgot to mention that he was also influenced by "rightist" Adolf Hitler, and by Ayn Rand. This deliberate omission, made in order to demonize the left, is another lie.

Like so many wingnuts the last week, you accuse the left of smearing the right, and then turn around and do the exact same thing to the left yourself. You really need to get some self awareness, or maybe just some simple respect for the truth.

I told you that, when you make claims on my blog, I check them out. Try sticking to the facts next time.

mastercynic said...

I'm ignoring it.

Green Eagle said...

Ignoring what? The fact that the Clippers beat the Heat? Sorry, guy...that's the way it is.