Monday, January 17, 2011

Interesting Ignorance

In connection with Jared Lee Loughner, I have been talking about the Sovereign Citizen movement.  In a post, I mentioned something called the Nehemiah document, which is the "founding document" of this right wing movement, whose members have been responsible for a number of violent anti-government acts in recent years.

Well, I have certainly never read any more than a couple of excerpts from the Nehemiah document.  I thought it would be interesting to read the entire thing, and did a Google search for it, under its full name, and a number of variants.

I could not find the text of this document anywhere online, but I did find this:

This is page one of my search for the Nehemiah document.  Now, as you can guess from the number of comments my posts get, hardly anyone reads my blog.  And yet, in a week, it managed to make it up to number three on Google.  This tells me something which I think is interesting:  Almost no one in the country cares to learn anything about this group, even though Loughner's utterances strongly suggest he shares their idiotic, belligerent beliefs.

So, the whole nation, including our pathetic press can just ignore the evidence which anyone could find in minutes; and thereby deny that Loughner is in any way connected to the far right.  He can be just written off as a violent madman, by people who have no interest in the truth.  Ignorance can be a wonderful tool in the right hands.


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magpie said...

"Now, as you can guess from the number of comments my posts get, hardly anyone reads my blog"

Oh don't be so sure...

Do you check your stats?
If not, when you're logged in there should be a clicky called "design" on the top right of your screen, go there and then click on "stats". It tells you which posts are being looked at, when, who, what site they came from, where in the world they are and what searches they did to get there. You might be pleasantly surprised.

My most viewed post is a little non-political thing I did which has never got a comment but has been viewed 415 times and counting. The next most viewed posts do have a substantial number of comments (for my blog anyway) so I know it's not just bots bouncing around the Internet.

On the down side, my most viewed posts tend not to be the political ones.

Cardinal44 said...

N.Y. Times article implies salvia use may be responsible for shooter's psychotic break. I guess we should be worried about who Miley Cyrus is going to blow away, too.

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