Friday, January 21, 2011

Perhaps There's Some Hope

In this news:

"New Washington Post/ABC Poll: Americans View Tea Party Less Favorably Than Russia, Socialism"

The Tea Party scored about the same as Saudi Arabia.


Anonymous said...

that's becuse they are clueless. They should ask the people who really know. Like the Russians themselves.

Anonymous said...

Jean Valjean said...

Is this anonymous the most boring dude on earth? Hasn't he got any real work to do?

Dave Dubya said...

Speaking of clueless, isn't it amusing to see someone, who is completely ignorant of the differences between communism and socialism, call people clueless?

Communism is like a Republican dictarorship in so many ways. One party rule, no compromise, unprovoked war of aggression, torture, warrantless surveillance of citzens, incarceration without charges or counsel, plutocracy by the powerful elite, etc.

Socialsim is universal health care, which we do not even have. Wow, the tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Socialism is not to shut up opposing views.

Green Eagle said...


We're not shutting up your views. We're laughing at them.

Suzan said...

Thanks for the laugh, "anon."

Now I'm laughing.

Maybe we can put this on someone's facebook page and provide millions of "friends" a laugh too.

Good one!