Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Black Panthers- Another Republican Hoax?

Some of you may remember the story of the "New Black Panther Party."  This involves an allegation of voter intimidation from the 2008 election, when two members of this alleged group (which seemed to have a total membership of eight) showed up outside a Philadelphia polling place, one of them carrying a billy club, and were filmed by a videographer and then used as a Republican propaganda to claim that Democrats were engaged in voter suppression.

These "New Black Panthers" were not prosecuted, because the Justice department could not find a single voter that felt intimidated by them, sort of undermining the whole narrative.  This decision was taken by the Bush Justice department before Obama became President, but it has become the subject of endless attacks on Obama, claiming that it was his decision, and that it proves that he is an anti-white racist.  These attacks continue to this day, frequently citing this incident as legitimate grounds to impeach Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, who, coincidentally, is also black.

Now we have a story from Talking Points Memo indicating that this whole incident may have been nothing but another self-generated, misreported Republican dirty trick after the fashion of the famous Acorn-pimp fabrication.

It turns out that the tape this videographer took was not released in its entirety.  Left out were sections where Republican operatives stopped him from freely filming, screaming:

"We're on the same team," says another Republican poll watcher off screen.
"You're fucking up the story. Don't fuck up the story," one unidentified poll watcher tells Morse."

It's worth noting that the "U.S. Civil Rights Commission," which was packed with white, right wing Christian activists during Bush's term, issued a report on this incident which only included the apparently damning parts of the tape, omitting including the section I've discussed above.

So, it seems that these dozens if not hundreds of demands for Obama's impeachment, delivered in the most belligerent terms, and which continue to this day, are all the product of one more malignant Republican hoax.

Funny, isn't it, that after two years,  white Conservatives still can't find anything to hang their hatred of Obama on, but lies and distortions.  I wonder what really makes them  really hate him so much.

Well, no I don't.  I think I've figured it out.  I bet you have too.


magpie said...

"I wonder what really makes them really hate him so much."

Because he's an intelligent and supremely articulate American man with a beautiful family, who was president of the Harvard Law Review, a teacher of constitutional law, a civil-rights attorney, a very popular senator, a Christian by choice rather than brainwashing, and that his biggest personal vice was smoking?

Oh yes there IS another reason isn't there...

Green Eagle said...

Aah, the light slowly dawns, Magpie. I know that it may be hard to believe, from the other side of the world, that in the Greatest Country that God Ever Placed On This Earth With His Own Two Hands, there would be any shreds of that sort of thing.

Maybe we're both wrong.