Sunday, January 9, 2011

And More Helpful Explanation from John Boehner

Boehner today:

“No act . . . must be allowed to stop us from our duty,” Mr. Boehner said during brief remarks at the West Chester, Ohio, Township Hall and Administration Offices. He echoed the sentiment he first expressed after the Saturday shooting that “an attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve.” He also said the shooting reminds lawmakers that their job “comes with a risk.”

Their job comes with a risk.  To Democrats anyway.  Not to Republicans that I have ever been able to notice.  I am sure that we are all so appreciative that Mr. Boehner, days after taking control of the House, reminds Democrats that their job comes with a risk.  I'm sure they will keep that in mind.


Lafitte said...

Just as the only anthrax attacks were generated domestically against the editor of the Enquirer who dared publish photos of an underage Bush daughter drunk and out of control and, of course, the Democratic legislators seeking to reign in the Patriot act, so too will further acts of domestic terror be generated by sanctimonious liars that fan tea party anger and fear.

Green Eagle said...

Absolutely right, as I pointed out in an earlier post.