Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goodbye Keith

In all my reporting on the idiocies and lies of the wingnuts, here's one thing I found just too boring and stupid to follow: the fact that, virtually every day, there are stories about a supposed attempt by the left to silence right wing talk radio, and TV liars like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.  Despite the fact that there is not a shred of evidence for this claim, they go on with this nonsense endlessly, like the equally fictional war on Christmas.

Well, here's the reality of press suppression in this country:  MSNBC just fired their top-rated broadcaster.  And make no mistake about the reason: it was solely because he dared to tell the truth in public.  And if you think Rachel, Ed Schultz, and that clown O'Donnell don't get the message, you really are fooling yourself.  If Keith is expendable they all are.  It is apparently tolerable for CNN to employ the right wing hatemonger and professional liar Erick Erickson.  But being a moderate liberal is too much for this country to allow anyone a public voice.

But of course, whoever owns these networks has the right to fire anyone they want, right?  And thanks to the sainted Ronald Reagan, no one owns the media anymore but the rich.  How many times have you heard decisions like this justified by claims that "it's just business" or that it's all about profits and not about the person's political views at all?  Well, I'd like someone to explain to me how it's all about profits when a network fires its most highly rated star.

This is not a minor moment in our history as a nation.  It is a major legitimation of the right to stifle dissent.  It is a giant step toward fascism; and I am not using the term figuratively. When it becomes acceptable for the rich and powerful to stifle dissent, totalitarianism is on the way. 


Suzan said...

You couldn't be clearer about this most major moment in U.S. political history, and I couldn't be more in agreement.


May I blogroll you?


Green Eagle said...


Of course you can blogroll me. Thanks for the compliment, and i hope to hear from you again

Green Eagle said...


This remark is in the place of three worthless, contentions comments in a row from Anonymous, which I have deleted. Anyone reading my blog the last few days is aware of the nature of his childish and petulant leavings. I've had enough.

Anonymous, when you have the decency to try to be something other than a lying troll, I'll leave your comments up. Otherwise, move on. I won't be your sucker.

Dave Dubya said...

The mythical "librool media" just got a lot less liberal.

The Fourth Reich rejoices.

Anonymous said...

The mythical "liberal media" just got a lot less liberal.

and alot ls vile.
The new state run media GE must think he's bad for 2012. They need to "pretend" they don't go along with his rhetoric but we have already heard the rhetoric from the administration and it's a little too little too late regardless of how Obama acts like he is moving away form his hard leftism.
we will se the same smoke and mirrors we saw prior to the 2008 election.
fool me once shame on know the rest.

Green Eagle said...

Anyone who calls Obama a hard leftist is a liar or an incredibly stupid person. Which are you, Anonymous?

Right now, I'm voting in favor of stupidity. But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

hahaha sayiong he's not a hard leftist doesn't make it so.
If democrsts won the house you would see us turning 180 degrees to the left . And that is called "reverse"

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, where did you go to elementary school?

Because if anyone on the right needs evidence to prove the futility of public education, your spelling and grammar would be a good place to start.

Green Eagle said...

Once again, I have removed a non-responsive, belligerent response from Anonymous.

Anonymous, you are demonstrating yourself to be quite an asshole.