Monday, January 24, 2011

Evil Bureaucrats or You?

I want to bring to your attention this article by Katie Gage at Town Hall, where she asks the oh-so-pertinent question:

"Do Bureaucrats Know Better Than You? The NLRB Thinks So"

Needless to say, Katie doesn't think so, and how could you help but agree with her?  Here are a few areas, for example, where Green Eagle knows far more than any bureaucrat:

If the government decides to build a bridge or a dam, Green Eagle knows far better than government bureaucrats where that bridge or dam should be built, and what it should be made of.

If a pharmaceutical company wants to sell a drug in the United States, Green Eagle is far more capable than any government bureaucrat of evaluating the thousands of pages of statistical evidence it has submitted alleging that the drug is safe.

If our military wants to carry out any offensives in Afghanistan, Green Eagle is far more capable than any military officer (after all, what are military officers but government bureacrats?) of making decisions about where to attack, what weapons to use, how many soldiers to commit to the fight, etc.

I could go on here, but I guess you get my point.  It has become accepted conservative wisdom  that no one who knows anything is competent to make any decisions. For example, just yesterday I cited a post at a widely read right wing website condemning the fact that environmentalists were allowed to express an opinion about the damage done to the Gulf by the BP oil spill.  Instead, it has now become established on the right that important decisions are far better made by packs of angry, greed-maddened ignoramuses.

This is not an accidental doctrine.  If large numbers of Americans can be trained to disregard any opinion coming from someone who understands the issues, they are so much more easily persuaded to follow the bidding of whoever is shouting at them the loudest.  And now that it seems to be established that saying anything can be forbidden if you are a liberal (remember Keith Olbermann?) the shouting is all coming from the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other paid liars.   This phenomenon is not the triumph of ignorance, it is just one more triumph of money over human decency; one more step from democracy to rule by the rich; one more step from being the greatest nation on earth to becoming nothing but another tinhorn third world dictatorship living by selling cheap labor to the rest of the world, and beating its citizens down to keep things like that.

Welcome to Republican World.


Infidel753 said...

There is a whole "pride in ignorance" movement that wants to "stand up to the experts", but it's easy to put such people to the test. Ask them, if they needed surgery, whether they'd rather have it done by a trained and experienced surgeon or by some random person off the street.

Poll P. said...

@Infidel---I fear they'd choose 'faith healers'.
@G.E., a scary picture, and I don't yet see a way out of this!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Pride in Ignorance

Exhibit A:

Michele Bachmann, speaking at a gathering in Iowa, tells her audience that the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery, and used the non-Founding Father, JQ Adams, as an example.

This moron is a US Rep. who has designs on running for president, yet has no understanding of the history of the country she hopes to lead.

I'm just about done with this stupid shyte.

What sort of people even listen to idiots like her?

Sorry to say, a great number. They know less than she does about their country, and they are proud of it.

Green Eagle said...

And CNN is granting her a national audience tonight by gratuitously broadcasting whatever she chooses to say about Obama, in her own personal "response" to the State of the Union address. This is equal treatment by the press today: the President of the United States giving a constitutionally mandated speech, versus a deranged, lying lunatic deciding for herself what the country needs to hear.