Thursday, January 6, 2011

But Wait, There's More

The Republicans in the House are working very hard on their second day in control to see to it that yesterday's incredible abandonment of their budget cutting campaign pledges will be matched by more betrayal today.

From Politico, via Daily Kos:

"After calling for bills to go through a regular committee process, the bill that would repeal the health care law will not go through a single committee. Despite promising a more open amendment process for bills, amendments for the health care repeal will be all but shut down. After calling for a strict committee attendance list to be posted online, Republicans backpedaled and ditched that from the rules. They promised constitutional citations for every bill but have yet to add that language to early bills. (See: GOP backpedals on committee attendance rule)

Republicans say there are subtle reasons for these moves..."

Subtle reasons.  Yeah, there are reasons alright, but they aren't really that subtle.  The reason is that the entire Republican party is a corrupt criminal gang. Happy now, teabaggers?  All their promises were lies, and they couldn't even be bothered to wait a day before rubbing it in your faces.  Thanks a lot for falling for their deceit, and leaving us stuck with these evil people for two more years.

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