Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Serial Liar Judith Miller Continues to Humiliate Herself

Judith Miller issues this preposterous statement attempting to justify her criticism of Julian Assange for not doing enough fact-checking:

"If anybody bothered to read the Iraq war stories they're now so busy criticizing, they would see that Julian Assange and I were involved in very different kinds of journalism. They are not morally equivalent. While we both sought to publicize official secrets, I and my co-authors at The NYT spent enormous time trying to verify the secret government reports and other WMD-related stories we published. Every exclusive story of mine appeared with a discussion of its context, the difficulty involved in corroborating the highly classified information, and an assessment by at least one independent expert and likely skeptic, often identified by name and organization. Julian Assange, whom I have repeatedly defended, did none of these things."

This is a bald-faced lie; although one can expect nothing else from the serial liar and Cheney-enabler Miller.  She did not spend  "enormous time trying to verify the secret government reports and other WMD-related stories we published."  Unless, that is, she is the worst fact-checker in the history of the universe (which is, on the other hand, a viable theory, given the available evidence.)  It was widely recognized at the time, when Ms. Miller was disgracing the New York Times with the publication of her claims, that there was no factual evidence available to support them, and that she was doing nothing more than repeating Bush administration propaganda without a thought about its truth. We all knew (those of us who cared to know, anyway) that she was nothing but a shill, repeating malicious, utterly groundless claims in our nation's most prestigious newspaper.  Her stories, which contradicted the information compiled by United Nations weapons inspectors who had spent years in Iraq, were (as was known perfectly well at the time) based on the "evidence" of corrupt officials, known liars, and even a couple of plainly psychotic individuals with a considerable history of purveying false information.

The willing tool Judith Miller was as responsible as anyone outside of the Bush administration for the greatest military disaster in our country's history.  For her to criticize Mr. Assange because he published government e-mails without context is an insult to every honest American.  I suppose the only comfort anyone can take in her sordid behavior, is that it catapulted her from the front page of the Times to Newsmax, one of the most serially dishonest of right wing websites, where at least she is in the company of her peers.  A couple of more incidents like this and she will be partnering with Pam Geller.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Conservative scum are immune to humiliation. You can't expect those who are shameless, Miller, Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, every elected Republican) to act out of a sense of decency.

Republicans and Conservatives have no morals, no scruples, no honor.

They are a blight upon America.

Green Eagle said...

Yes, you are absolutely right. But most of the liberals I know seem to need to be constantly reminded of that fact, or they start reverting to believing that some day, somehow, some Repubican is going to do the right thing.

I know, I know, how could they ever think that? But they do, and you and I are here to make sure they don't get too out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

As you complain about the unjustified war in Iraq, and it is unjustified, just keep in mind Obama continued it, and started another war in Libya.

What is the mission in Afghanistan now? It was originally to find binLaden.

Meanwhile, we still have the Patriot Act, we still have unconstitutional warrantless wiretapping, we're still bailing out the criminal banks and not prosecuting anybody, Guantanamo is still open and let me remind everybody it was opened by executive order and can be closed by executive order.

We still have drones, it's been expanded, they are flying in US skies now. The TSA is still groping everybody.

Everything Bush did is still here. Why aren't you complaining about that? The Democratic establishment are just as sleazy, and disgusting as the Republican establishment.