Thursday, January 6, 2011

There's Nothing They Don't Lie About

So, we have all heard about the latest grand Republican jingoistic waste of time, the Reading Aloud In The House of the U.S. Constitution.

Well, it took place today, and guess what?  The Constitution-loving patriots in the Republican party couldn't even be honest about the plain text of a document that they claim to venerate.  That's right, they edited parts out.

It is, of course, Republican doctrine that the Constitution is a divinely inspired, perfect document (sort of like the Koran) written by divinely inspired people (the founding fathers) who (like Mohammed) were incapable of creating anything that was imperfect.  So what they did was leave out any sections of the original that have been changed over the years.  Most notably, they left out the part about black slaves counting as only three fifths of a human being.

I hope it is clear that this omission was not primarily done to hide their racist antecedents, although I'm sure that was on their minds.  What is more important to these disingenuous demagogues is their claim that the will of the founding fathers (as interpreted by conservatives, of course) is flawless, and the nation must never move beyond their reading of what it supposedly means.  To acknowledge that the constitution has ever been changed is to admit that it might need changing or reinterpreting as time moves on.  And with that admission, a major part of their deceitful, self serving ideology would crumble into dust.


magpie said...

Reading out loud (selectively) something anyone could read for themselves instead of actually working.

Sort of like what a priest does, except with no good intentions.

Green Eagle said...

I agree with you except for the part about "no good intentions." After watching the Catholic Church the last decade or so, I would need someone to explain to me how the "intentions" of priests are good.

I know the priests claim to have good intentions, but so do the Republicans. Talk is cheap.

magpie said...

Some priests genuinely believe in compassion, empathy and mercy. (You'll have to bear with me on that view as I don't come from a society quite as redolent with fundamentalism as you do.)

Many Republicans on the other hand have nothing but suspicion and disdain for any of the afore mentioned motives. Their first assumption is that these things indicate weakness and a desire to take something from them.