Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Much to Say

I haven't had much to say lately, because the biggest issue facing our country today, its greatest danger, revolves around the matter of just how piggish and vicious the Republican party intends to get after the new Congress is sworn in.  This is a grim prospect, as their choices are to pander to the ignorant, violent base that they have spent decades creating, or to stab them (and us) in the back and solely concentrate on stripping the country of its remaining wealth on behalf of their real constituency, the hyper rich and multinational corporations (and now, thanks to the Supreme Court, foreign governments and God knows who else) that finance the mass delusion that keeps them in power.

Either way, we are inevitably going to face some real ugliness, which the complicit mainstream media will do everything they can to excuse.  Can the Republicans succeed in deliberately casting us back into a depression, and use the suffering they will have caused to remake this country into a third world dictatorship which exists solely to benefit a minuscule oligarchy?

Well, I believe that is their plan.  Since so many of their schemes (think Iraq) go disastrously awry, we have some hope, but if we survive the avalanche of jingoism, hate and greed that they are about to unleash, it sure won't be because they helped.

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