Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a Coincidence, I Guess

Here are two pictures of Jared Lee Loughner.  This one is from his high school yearbook:

And this one was released by the sheriff upon his arrest:

Guess which one has been used over and over again on CNN and Fox, the one from years ago where he looks like a hippie, or the current one, where he looks like a skinhead?


Poll P. said...

OMG!!! I'd seen the short-haired photo MSNBC is using, but never this skinhead one!

tnlib said...

Well. . . . In the early moments after a crime, it isn't unusual to use a school photo of a young suspect. That's usually the only one readily available. This one was from 2006. The last one was taken when he was arrested.

But you are "right." The right is using the 2006 photo, not only to imply, but they actually say, he's a liberal, hippie, whatever.

Dave Dubya said...

It's also a coincidence the media is not calling him a terrorist, even though he admits his actions were politically motivated and named his victim.

Anonymous said...

CNN and FOX were using his arrest picture ,good greif you people like to keep stirring that s---- pot don't you?

Green Eagle said...


I have seen the hippie picture shown again and again on CNN and Fox News. Sorry, but that's the truth, whether you like it or not.

The Republican party and the right have deliberately generated a volcano of hatred among their followers. The Loughner terrorist attack is just one in a long, slowly escalating sequence of incidents which can be laid at their feet. If they are not stopped, we are going to see things that make the Oklahoma City bombing look like a minor incident.

And people like you will still be coming on websites, cursing at anyone who dares to tell the obvious truth.

Anonymous said...

that is shut bullshit you are just upset that your party lost the last election and they are using this tragedy to shut up conservative view points which is the views of most Americans as many people reject Obama's policies if you've been paying attention other than Olberman and his red faced angry colleague Ed Shultz speaking of people who spew hate.

Green Eagle said...


I welcome comment here, but I expect it to have some tenuous rationality and connection with reality. You are beginning to walk down the path of other right wingers who have chosen to comment here: When their baseless assertions are met with facts, they become more and more shrill, and resort to childish ad hominem attacks. Don't follow them; it will not provide you with any satisfaction.