Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bill Clinton is Wrong

Bill Clinton:

"On the 15th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City incident, in April, I wrote an essay in which I said I could see this level of anger rising as it did once before when I was elected, and that no one intends to do anything that encourages this sort of behaviour -- and I think it's wrong for anyone to suggest it."

This is utterly false.  Of course the Republican party and the people who support them intend to make their opponents afraid for their own safety if they speak out against them.  This has been the way of the right as long as it has existed, in every place on earth; and it takes some spectacular willing blindness not to see the constant, daily Republican action to subdue opposition by making people fear the cost of standing up for what is right.  Who can listen for even a few minutes to the anger and hatred that project constantly from Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Mark Levin, and the only barely more subdued threats that come from Palin, Boehner, Michelle Bachmann and dozens of other supposedly respectable Republican leaders?  Who can submerge themselves for even a day to the world of right wing websites without being painfully aware of the violent, threatening atmosphere that they generate?

The Republican right is full of people that fully intend to bring about an apocalyptic, murderous power struggle in this country; they intend to win that struggle so they can impose a vicious theorcratic dictatorship on all of us.  This dictatorship will be every bit as horrible as those in Iran or Pakistan; and it will have its hands on five thousand nuclear weapons.

I believe that if these people win the Civil War they yearn for, it will very likely mark the end of civilization as we know it.  Once they have tasted blood, they will, like all dictators, not be sated until they control the world; and you would have to be crazy to think they will not use the United States' nuclear arsenal to make sure that the charred ashes that survive their crusade will be in their hands.  After all, Jesus will be coming down soon, to take these heroes to the heavenly reward they deserve for their fidelity to his words.


Poll P. said...

Jesus Christ!!!

mastercynic said...

I think oligarchy rather than theocracy - it's all about the money.

Anonymous said...


Dave Dubya said...

Christo-fascists use theocracy to control their base. They employ modern police state fascism to control the rest of us.

Green Eagle said...

1. Mastercynic: I think that the oligarchs will believe that they can control the theocrats, who will act to keep the masses in line; if it actually comes to it, I'm not sure that the small number of oligarchs can hold off the massive anger and love of violence of the teabaggers.

2. Anonymous: I have seen that remark quoted all over the right wing web the last two days. This is a comment from someone who knew him several years ago, when he was in high school. All accounts of Loughner indicate he has changed radically in the intervening years. Most people are pretty unpolitical in high school.

And, a good point, Dave. It's cheaper to con the ones you can, and save the bullets for the ones who aren't big enough suckers to go along voluntarily.

Anonymous said...



Green Eagle said...

I looked at your two miserable you-tube videos.

Thanks for coming on my blog and calling Obama another Hitler.

That's really the way to have an adult discussion of the issues, and avoid mindless hatred.

Why don't you try a real you-tube video and chill out?


magpie said...

I dunno about Anon, but I LOVE that Buddy Guy video...!