Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup Followup

You may remember (or likely you have blotted it out- can't say that I blame you) that, a few weeks ago, I featured in Wingnut Wrapup a number of right wing comments calling for the jailing, and trial for murder of union leaders in New York for supposedly calling for a slowdown of cleanup efforts after recent snowstorms in which a couple of people died.  That was preposterous enough, but now (of course) we learn this:

"The story rocketed around New York City when streets went uncleared after the Dec. 26 blizzard: Sanitation workers, angry about job reductions, had deliberately staged a work slowdown. 

And it occurred because one man, Councilman Daniel J. Halloran, Republican of Queens, said five city workers had come to his office during the storm and told him they had been explicitly ordered to take part in a slowdown to embarrass Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

"...investigators had hoped that extensive publicity would bring out others with knowledge of the purported plot. That has not happened...More recently, the councilman has said the workers were not explicitly told to take part in a slowdown, but were subtly informed there was no need to rush while clearing the snow."

"Subtly informed."  Perhaps by mental telepathy, or secret Masonic hand gestures.

Who is Halloran?

"He campaigned as a conservative Republican with the support of Tea Party organizers, advocating personal responsibility and limited government."

Apparently personal responsibility does not extend to the issue of spreading smears and lies about Democrats and their supporters.  This guy is a good Republican and a good Teabagger, and he is performing exactly as he is expected to perform; and the right wing media machine has taken his lie and run with it.  We will never see a correction or an apology from any one of them, needless to say.

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