Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a Bunch of Liars

Jonah Goldberg:

"But there’s one point that I haven’t seen made that I think is really worth reminding people of. Simply: This is an incredibly tolerant country and, it has shown remarkable tolerance since 9/11. There has been no “anti-Muslim” backlash."

Man, I've always said that there is no one easier to lie to than yourself, but considering the unbelievable damage that wingnut hatemongering is doing to our country, don't you think these people have some sort of a responsibility to be a little more honest with themselves?

And I mean particularly people like Jonah Goldberg, talentless assholes who are making a living out of all of this hate, rather than sweeping up at the homeless shelter, which Jonah would be doing if his filthy witch of a mother hadn't bought his job by stoking the worst side of the American character.

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