Monday, August 2, 2010

A Party of Traitors

From a Democratic memorandum today:

"Now, Republicans are looking to head into August with a foursome of job-killing obstruction by trying to kill:

· State aid which would save thousands police officers and firefighters from getting laid off
· A teachers jobs measure which would help states retain 130,000 K-12 teachers
· An energy bill that would create up to 700,000 jobs
· A small business bill which would help small business owners create 500,000 jobs

And all this comes on the heels of Republicans’ tenacious defense of the reckless Wall Street executives whose irresponsible gambling led us into the financial crisis that cost 8 million Americans their jobs."

Yes, we have now reached the point where one political party feels entitled to actually work to destroy our economy rather than let the other party do what it was elected to do. Virtually the entire Republican party, and its teabagging followers are nothing but a bunch of traitors, who don't give a damn about our country, and will see it go down the drain in their attempt to seize power against the will of the American people.

This is the sad reality that we have to deal with. The idiotic asses like Confederate Yankee (see below) are still such a small, deluded minority that the most they can do is create a couple of horrors on the order of 9-11. But the people they serve do have the power, throught their willingness to crush our economy, to truly destroy the country they claim to love.

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