Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Colossal Tea Party Failure

Here's another in my continuing exposure of the tea party movement as a media-created sham.

Andrew Breitbart had a tea party in Philly this weekend. This was billed as a national tea party event. How did he do? Well, as usual, Green Eagle brings you pictures showing the largest number of people that could be found:

Estimates of the number of people who showed up at this national event have now coalesced around the 300 range. That's it. And yet this event received wide attention from the "liberal" media, which are happy to collaborate with the right to give credence to the claim that these absolutely pathetic, synthetically generated demonstrations represent some sort of massive movement.

What makes this particular one even more than contemptible was that it was billed as a "diversity" event, to prove that teabaggers are not racists- something which is, of course, impossible, seeing as how they so clearly are. A number of the usual black and latino right wing sellouts spoke at this rally, but the organizers seem to have managed to attract a maximum of 15 minority citizens to their great demonstration of racial harmony.

And yet, if the press has its way, this minuscule group of lunatic right wing fanatics may well deliver control of Congress back to the people who nearly gifted us with a depression just two years ago.


Poll P. said...

I hope you're wrong about the press delivering us back into the hands of our despoilers. But if Obama goes after media ownership rules, they'll kill him.

SuperDongg said...

Great, so if a Black or Latino DOES join the Tea Party ... they must .. according to you ... be sell-outs?? Go Fuck yourself ...

For years we had to endure weekly Iraq War Protesters on TV numbering in the dozens or less .. yet they still made the news frequently...

I know, you're scared of the Tea Party movement aren't you asshole?? The muckraker unions such as the SEIU and Public Employees Union can bus people all over the place to inflate their numbers. Worse yet, they do it with OUR tax dollars!!

The Tea Party is a response to the abusive spending policies of our Government. The Feds are mortgaging our future, its disgusting, immoral, bigoted and needs to be stopped now !!