Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh No, Global Warming is a Complete Hoax

To continue a story I have mentioned, but isn't attracting much attention elsewhere:

"MOSCOW – Deaths in Moscow have doubled to an average of 700 people a day as the Russian capital is engulfed by poisonous smog from wildfires and a sweltering heat wave, a top health official said Monday.Moscow health chief Andrei Seltsovky blamed weeks of unprecedented heat and suffocating smog."

Well, I guess we are going to have to get to the point where 700 people a day are dying in some American city before the greedy corporate bastards and ignorant, stupid suckers finally wake up to what is going on in this country.

Until then, I guess we will just have to live with stories like this, from the "Astute Bloggers:"

"San Francisco, July temperatures coolest since 1971
Germany, first 6 months of 2010 coldest in 14 years
San Diego,, coldest July since 1933
Brazil, tropical fish freezing
Peru,declares emergency due to plunging temperatures"

And other local weather that they know damned well has nothing to say about climate change. What do these assholes get out of this that makes it worth killing their children just to get a few more hits with their outrageous lies online?


flavor411 said...

"Coolest since 1971", "coldest in 14 years", "Coldest since 1933"

How about all those places around the globe, including the U.S that have had the hottest summer temps
EVER in recorded history?

HOTTEST EVER sort of trumps 'coolest since 1971' for me, but you don't hear much about those.

Alexander Frolov, head of Russia's weather service; "This phenomenon is absolutely unique. We have an 'archive' of abnormal weather situations stretching over a 1,000 years. It is possible to say there was nothing similar to this on the territory of Russia during the last 1,000 years in regard to the heat."

The Russian Heat wave has been going on since July, there was a rash of stories back around July 15 or so and then......not much, until today when a few more popped up, but over all not much information in relation to the scope of the event.

The denial is mind boggling to me.
Russia is the first to get hit to this degree, but as weather patterns shift it could very well happen somewhere else in the next few years.
Could be coming to a neighborhood near you in the near future.
Don't Americans understand the concept of crop failure or does it have to actually happen here for them to get it?
Thanks for letting me vent.

Poll P. said...

Flav, I think we really DON'T get the idea of crop failure. We're all so far removed frm 'crops; the very word sounds archaic. We have packaged stuff on supermarket shelves. Imagine if the high-fructose crop failed! The shelves would be bare.