Friday, August 27, 2010

Buckley the "Intellectual" Conservative

I want to take exception to something that Greg Dworkin from Daily Kos had to say about Glenn Beck's infantile march on Washington this weekend, and about the participants in general:

"This isn’t intellectual conservatism, a la Bill Buckley, with a coherent world view and a philosophy that can be argued and defended. "

Sorry, Greg. The "conservatism" of Bill Buckley et. al. was promoted by a bunch of guys who went to Yale, and knew how to sound like Yalies when they pushed their agenda. That's the extent of intellectual content which their ideas had. Peel off the phony Yale accent, and underneath is the same old "everything for me, and let's find someone to hate" behavior that has been the Republican party's stock in trade since William Howard Taft took over from Teddy Roosevelt.

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