Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stupidity, or Just Plain Lying?

David Broder, the "Dean" of our Washington press corps, and a perfect example of why the mainstream press is a major contributor to the miserable state of our country today:

"Mitch McConnell comes to the Senate's defense

Much as I differed with McConnell's defense of the status-quo Senate, I have to agree with several of the other points he made at the breakfast. He is right when he says that the Senate tends to be at its best when the party ratios are relatively close -- say 55 to 45 -- rather than as lopsided as they have been during Obama's first two years.

A more-even split encourages dealing between the parties in the center of the political spectrum, and it may very well return if Republicans make the gains now widely forecast for November."

Is there any way on earth that this pompous, lying ass can possibly believe that giving more Senate seats to the Republicans, who have obstructed every single thing that the majority party has tried to do, even as the economy is collapsing around us, is possibly going to make things better?

No, there isn't, so I have answered my own question. We have turned our major source of information in this country over to a bunch of lying, corrupt sellouts, who are content to do their part to help the rich reduce us all to penury. The greatest country on earth, really.

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boomer bob said...

The mainstream press are nothing more than the elitist's voices filtering everything the way they want us to hear it.