Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Nice Graphs Tell an Interesting Story

Two graphs today really have a lot to say about the state of our country.

First, this one from Ezra Klein, at the Washington Post:

This chart compares Obama's proposed tax policy with that of Bush and the Republicans. As you can see, they are nearly identical until you get to those earning $500,000 a year or more. For those taxpayers, the Republican plan gives vastly larger tax cuts, particularly to those who earn over a million a year, who get a tax cut approximately sixteen times larger under Republicans. Well, there you see it. I don't think this chart needs much explanation.

The next chart is from Bob Cesca:

Mr. Cesca's comment:

"On the left, job losses from December 2007 through July 2009 (the earliest President Obama's policies could actually have an impact on the economy). On the right, job losses since July 2009. Around 41,000 compared with the Bush administration's job losses numbering 7,796,000."

There you go. You sure wouldn't know that from perusing the mainstream press, and yet this is all it takes to make the truth clear. By the way, a number of right wing websites lately have been claiming that Obama has the worst jobs record of any president in history. And of course, their "opinion" is given tremendous weight by the media, while things like this are totally covered up.

This is why my hope for the survival of our country is fast dwindling.


Anonymous said...

Cesca is a partisan hack, not to be listened to. Doesn't matter what the numbers are he'll praise Obamba and rip the GOP.

Obama supported and voted for ALL of the Bush stimulus.

Employment levels have continued to fall over the nearly 2 years of Obamba ... see: and check 'employment' numbers yourself over the past 10 years ...

Even with a few Trillion thrown the past 2 years employment levels have not risen under Obama!!

This guy and his policies are failing America.

13inchcOck said...

Texas in one of the few states doing well right now .. and its firmly under Republican Political/Economic control.

The Bluest Liberal states like California and New York have huge deficits and the highest unemployment rates .. how do you explain this Green?

Green Eagle said...

"The Bluest Liberal states like California and New York have huge deficits and the highest unemployment rates .. how do you explain this Green?"

A good question.

California, where I am from, has a State budget deficit of $20 billion. The Federal government takes $53 billion annually in taxes out of the State of California. Where does that money go?

Every single Democratic State is a net contributor to the Federal government. Every Republican State except Texas is a net recipient of Federal funds.

That's where the money goes- We Democrats are paying to support you Republican welfare cases, while you tell us how we ought to live, like a bunch of spoiled teenagers yelling at their parents.

Pay your own way, and let us pay ours, and let's see what happens. But of course, paying your own way is only good medicine for poor people, not for the rich or for Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Green: you totally overlooked the point,purposefully I might add.

Yes, while California pays more in Federal Taxes than it receives back .. that has nothing to do with the State Budget.

Again, blue states run by liberals are the most fiscally irresponsible .. New York, California, etc.

Green Eagle said...

We could use that money to pay off our deficit two and a half times over. Nothing you can blabber away about can change the fact that you guys in the red states are living off of money EARNED BY DEMOCRATS. That's the truth, buddy- deal with it. You Republicans are a bunch of welfare cases with a real bad attitude.