Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Great, Guys, That's Really Doing Your Job

From TPM:

"The New York Times (among others) is reporting that a federal grand jury will soon hand down an indictment of baseball great Roger Clemens for lying to Congress during his 2008 testimony to the House Oversight Committee regarding steroids in baseball. The announcement could come later this afternoon."

Just tremendous news. I wonder how long it will be before indictments are handed down of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Colin Powell et. al. for lying to Congress in order to start a war of aggression.

Perhaps this is a peripheral question, but could anyone tell me how many hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians died because of what Roger Clemens did, or how many trillions of dollars it cost us? It must have been really terrible because here it is, eight years later and Bush and company are still running free, whereas Roger Clemens is being charged only two years after his testimony.


Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be against the law to lie to Congress until they stop lying to us!

Green Eagle said...

Well, I just might agree with you there, but I still somehow can't convince myself that it shouldn't be against the law to kill a million innocent civilians in a war of aggression.

And, while some might argue that the Yankees have been involved in a war of aggression against the rest of baseball for the last eight decades, as far as I know, the only actual casualty was Herb Score.