Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Advice, George.

George Will, one of our greatest pundits, and for decades one of the most respected voies in Washington:

"You can argue that the peace process is the biggest threat to peace in Palestine."

How is our country ever going to survive?

This ignorant, hateful pig continues:

"Mr. Abbas wants East Jerusalem as the capitol of a Palestinian state. Mr. Netanyahu says Jerusalem is and will remain the undivided capitol of Israel. Mr. Netanyahu says a West Bank state -- a Palestinian state on the West Bank -- must be demilitarized, must be forbidden to have relations with Hamas, with Hezbollah and Iran. It must have on it an Israeli presence to make sure weapons do not come in the eastern border" he continued."

George, who gives a God damned what Netanyahu claims to believe, any more than we should have listened to what Dick Cheney or Karl Rove or Joe Lieberman claimed to believe eight years ago? Nietanyahu is a lying, violent right wing monster just like them, and as a strong supporter of Israel, who has lived there, I know that the sooner they rid themselves of Netanyahu the better off they will be.

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