Monday, August 23, 2010

Republican Freeloading Continues

Via Crooks and Liars, an article about the most Republican county in California

"Modoc County-- A Lesson In Republican Extremism And Their Cult Of Freeloading "

Those who remember the brave new world being brought to us in Colorado Springs will find this tale quite familiar- another Republican crusade to reduce us all to third world peasants. I guess they will do it one county at a time if they can't do it all at once.


Silverfiddle said...

Got news for ya, greenbird, Colorado Springs is still thriving.

We have TABOR, a taxpayer bill of rights, in Colorado that forces politicians to balance the budget and put all tax raises before a vote of the people. Our unemployment is 2% below national average and we're not in debt.

California, the land of wasteful government spending, has a crushing debt and is 2% above the national average and bleeding out taxpayers to other states.

Everyday Americans have to live within a budget. Time for government to do the same.

Green Eagle said...

So you're one of those people from Colorado Springs, huh, Silverfiddle? The ones who voted to turn the streetlights out, send the police home at night, close the libraries, stop maintaining the parks and the streets, etc?

Yeah, you're still thriving.

Silverfiddle said...

And you're still talking out your ass. You don't live there but you presume to know more about it than someone who lives there. What arrogance!

Our city leaders have failed us, including the supposedly conservative mayor I voted for.

We have something like 10,000 military people in town, not to mention tens of thousands more retirees. These are guaranteed monthly incomes most cities would kill for, and these bozos have blown it.

When the housing boom went bust, they got caught with their pants down. They were funding current operations with building fees that were supposed to go to building out infrastructure.

This is a failure of vision and imagination. Anyone who fires policemen and firefighters, and turns off streetlights is criminally irresponsible and has no business anywhere near taxpayer money. BTW, they "found" enough money to not cut the police department after we laughed in their idiotic faces when they threatened us.

We will vote them out and get responsible leadership.

Meanwhile we remain a vibrant city that has avoided the debt spiral due to TABOR.

Green Eagle said...

Here is a link to an article from the Denver Post, about Colorado Springs cutting basic services because its right wing populace is too greedy to pay for them:

Give it a read, and see who is telling the truth about Colorado Springs, Siverfiddle, who lives there, or poor old Green Eagle, who is stuck here in Atlanta, and cannot experience for himself the Christian conservative paradise that America could be.

Silverfiddle said...

The fact remains you don't know what you're talking about and neither do the leftards at the Denver Post.

That article was written in January, and none of the dire (hopeful) predictions they made have come true.

Playgrounds and parks are green, and not one of them has burned down, believe it or not. Citizens pack out their trash and pitch in to clean up neighborhoods and common areas, which is to be expected from responsible conservatives.

Some street lights are dark, but can be turned on if you pay for it. A few weeds are growing up here and there, but we're forcing our politicians to live within our means!

Finally, contrary to what the liberal morons in the media tell you, Colorado Springs is very diverse. We've go head shops ("medical" marijuana dispensaries) all over town and we are home to Colorado College, a venerable bastion of unbridled liberalism.

We also have a thriving gay community. Gay couples actually shop, hike and generally enjoy themselves in broad daylight right here in in James Dobson's Godly kingdom! And there has never been any intolerant attacks!

This should teach you a lesson to not to believe the bullshit spewed from people with an agenda.

Green Eagle said...

"The fact remains you don't know what you're talking about and neither do the leftards at the Denver Post."

Grow up.

Silverfiddle said...

I am grown up. You should also. Part of growing up is questioning what one reads and applying critical thinking to all such information, whether we initially agree with it or not.

You failed to do that. You heard something about conservatives wrecking everything and you lapped it up.

To be fair to the DP, the story is not inaccurate. The meat of the story is Conjecture about what the liberal reporters hope will happen to us greedy righwing bastards down in Colorado Springs.

Well, their dreams have not come true, hence the lack of follow-up on the story.

That was January, now it's August. Unemployment stands below the national average, policemen still patrol the streets, and my neighbor across the street just got promoted to Chief of his own firehouse.

And not one park or playground has caught fire!

Again, take a lesson to not believe everything you hear. The president is not a Muslim Manchurian candidate, and Colorado Springs has not been reduced to third world peasantry.