Monday, August 16, 2010

The Really Important News

Just to keep you up to date:

"The Supreme Court has upheld a $20,000 fine against a leader of the movement challenging President Barack Obama's citizenship."

A writer at Orly's website:

"It is a real shame to see that our nation has come to the point with the BS/BO Administration that people do not feel free enough to send a contribution to Dr. Taitz due to fearing retaliation from usurper. This is not the first time that people have been terrorized by a dictatorial ruler, but it is the first time it has happened here in the USA!!"

Really. Personally, I think people didn't send Orly a contribution due to fear of waking up the next morning and realizing it was the stupidest waste of money in their lives.

But wait, there's More! From Orly:

"great Idea from reader Laura, we need a pig head at the site of the proposed mosque"

Good thinking, Orly. A pig head. How about yours?

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