Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Should Have Kicked Them Out When We Had the Chance

Some hopeful news about all of those polls showing Republicans doing so well, from a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll:

"The GOP has a HUGE generic-ballot edge in the South (52%-31%), but it doesn’t lead anywhere else. In the Northeast, Dems have a 55%-30% edge; in the Midwest, they lead 49%-38%; and in the West, it’s 44%-43%. Yet do keep this caveat in mind: Many of the congressional districts Republicans are targeting outside of the South resemble some of those Southern districts they’re hoping to win back in November -- where you have whiter and older voters."

What a great country this could be, if the Southern states were not part of it. Too bad we didn't let them go when we had the chance. Of course, then we would have a gigantic problem with illegal immigrants trying to cross the border to escape their hopeless life of poverty and squalor in the Confederate States of America, and we would probably need to amend the constitution to prevent pregnant white southerners from coming up here to have their babies.

And as for those whiter and older voters- at least every year there are less of them; a hopeful thing when you consider that white people appear to be by far the dumbest ethnic group in the country.

By the way, isn't it funny that the Republican edge in the South, at 21 points is described as HUGE, but no conclusion is drawn about the Democrats' 25 point lead in the Northeast, which is apparently nowhere near as great. Our mainstream press- apparently they can't even count to 100.

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