Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simple Answer to a Simple Question

Buzzflash links to a article today, which they describe as follows:

"Why the Republican Appeal to Fear Triumphs Over Reason and Enlightenment"

The article predictably theorizes about stress, fear and such factors. Can I be bold as to suggest a much simpler answer: Republicans have about a hundred times as much money to spend on their lies as we have to spend on the truth.


Poll P. said...

Simple truth. Might makes right.

mastercynic said...

State Run Media!

Anonymous said...

Ungh. Evolution not happen. Grog not seen it. It certainly not happen for Grog. Therefore unwashed Grog and inbred relatives not believe. Grog listen to men with money because Grog not able think for self.

Them keep Grog cave safe. Promise Grog freedom and money. Grog believe because them have powerful God. Them even tell Grog this.

Grog vote Republican.