Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greed...Right You Are

Today's citation for putting it in a sentence goes to Sam Pizzigazzi, at a blog called Too Much:

"The takeaway from the latest top gun flame-out at Hewlett-Packard: Chief executive ’success,’ in America today, essentially demands no more than greed and a developmentally arrested ego.

...corporate tall tales, unlike urban legends, actually make a difference in our lives. Corporate tall tales...drive these decisions in a reckless direction. And the most reckless of these drivers? That may be the tall tale of the “rare talent.” We’ve heard this whopper quite a bit over recent decades. Running a major corporation, we’re told, takes enormous — and exceedingly rare — executive talent. To get this top talent, and keep it, firms have no choice but to pay top dollar and then some."

In fact, all it seems to take is greed and a sociopathic personality. Once people like this claw their way to the top, they get a few years to plunder their companies before some person who is even greedier and more sociopathic pushes them off their mountain of dead bodies, and the game goes on. The rest of us, of course, are expected to pick up the tab.

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