Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Liberals Demonstrate Their Fairness about Israel

From the Agonist:

"Looks Like The Israelis . . . are spoiling for another fight...

I must say I am a little curious to know why the Israelis had a lieutenant colonel 'cutting down trees' along the Lebanese border," he muses. "Clearing brush is awfully low-level work for a high-ranking officer."

And in a comment

"Per Haaretz the LCOL was..."hit and killed at a fixed OP, 300 m inside Israeli territory."

So, the Israelis are cutting down trees inside their own territory, for whatever reason, and the Lebanese shot and killed one of them. And it's the Israelis who are "spoiling for another fight."

Sorry, this sort of coverage screams out antisemitic racism, whether left wingers want to hear it or not.


"In a diplomatic boost for Israel, the U.N. peacekeeping force in Southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) said Israeli soldiers were inside Israeli territory when the border clashes erupted.

"UNIFIL established ... that the trees being cut by the Israeli army are located south of the Blue Line on the Israeli side," said a statement quoting UNIFIL military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Naresh Bhatt."

Let's see if that makes any difference in the narrative we see in this country. Race hatred is equally deplorable whichever side of the political spectrum it comes from. I'll be interested to find out if Left Wingers who have (very correctly) been demanding that Republicans condemn the overtly racist teabag movement will hold themselves to a similar standard.

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