Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Staggering News!

In Green Eagle's endless search for enlightenment, he sometimes comes across the most amazing information. Here is the latest gem of knowledge that Green Eagle has unearthed, at great expense to himself, in order to spread wisdom among the people of the world:

"The only successful monkey artisans are to be found promoting a dark nihilistic culture of addictive substances and degradation. It is very unlikely that monkeys would be permitted access to the ladders of Classical Culture and the Fine Arts"

I promise you that I will be carefully examining this startling insight to discover what we can learn about our plight in the world today.

UPDATE! The revelations are coming fast now!

"Make no mistake - the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were written by reptoids, but not by any definition of Jew that resides in the public/monkey domain...There is no end to the slaughter that will be perpetrated by the reptoids in the name of culling the hated herd of monkeys."

Now I'm starting to see where this new knowledge is going to lead us. Isn't this productive?


Silverfiddle said...

Now I understand the title. You are staggering drunk. The Protocols of Zion are an anti-semitic piece of shit. It is an insult to humanity.

mastercynic said...

I think history shows that a great many luminaries of Classical Culture and Fine Art were very fond of both addictive substances and nihilistic culture. I certainly recommend both to everyone I know.

Monkey On!

Green Eagle said...

And apparently, an insult to monkeys too.

As to the staggeringly drunk part, I only wish.