Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confederate Yankee's Readers Join the Revolution

As a response to my post about Confederate Yankee's childish call for a revolution to remove the Negro from the White House, Gene suggested I look at the comments on Mr. Yankee's post. Yipes:

"I love our Constitution...but found myself wondering aloud recently if the day might not be coming when the best outcome was a military coup that sent a number of current elected officials (of both parties) to the wall for their sins against the United States and the liberties of its people."

Aah yes, a perfect product of a love of the constitution- destroying it with a military coup and then, in total accord with the intent of our founding fathers (I guess) killing everyone you disagree with. Now that is what I call patriotism.

"Obama is clearly trying to destroy the country, and succeeding."

Sure he is. It's so obvious. If he cared about the United States, he would have let us have the depression that Republicans worked so hard to create.

"I am tired of this where were you when Bush (pick your point) I can tell you that the militias started ramping up under Bush"

Sorry, that's another lie. They really ramped up under Clinton, and almost disappeared under Bush. Now they're back. I wonder why that might be.

"The top five percent of income earners in this country pays the majority of the taxes -- but casts five percent of the vote. This is unsustainable."

You're right there. And you know how to fix the problem? Don't let them "earn" so much more than everyone else that they pay half the taxes.

"As a proud Virginian, I stand with Patrick Henry: Give me liberty, or give me death."

Go ahead, start your "revolution." See which one of those you get.

"The comments of the Statist trolls have one common theme...They are so full of hate for this country and what it has provided them..."

Of course we're not the ones that want to have a revolution or a military coup. But we're the ones who hate our country.

"What will make the difference, is a change (huge) in the Congressional makeup."

Congressional makeup? You mean you can put lipstick on a pig?

"For one thing, there was plenty of agitation in conservative circles about Bush."

Good luck getting anyone to believe that one.

"Don't carer whqatr Bush did or did not do. It's the heads of the left I want."

Because the heads of the left actually have brains that know how to spell. I guess that's the reason you want them. Just one thing you might not have considered: once you separate them from the rest of their bodies, they don't work so well any more.

"Progressives have held power in both parties for a long time."

Sure, sure. Now, just take these pills, and in a few minutes you'll feel fine.

"I hate the liberal elite that tries to "save lives" and "save starving children"... Should we worry about the good of the community? or should we let the strong be strong..."

Well, isn't that a nice set of values? Jesus would be so proud of you.


magpie said...

"I hate the liberal elite that tries to "save lives" and "save starving children"... Should we worry about the good of the community? or should we let the strong be strong..."

Is that for real or is he sock-puppeting for strawman effect?
That someone could say that... it would be astonishing if it weren't so depressing.

Green Eagle said...

Pretty hard to believe, huh? The funny thing is that this pathetic loser unquestionably thinks he is one of the "strong" which will survive, when if he really got his wish, he'd live about five minutes after seeing his first crip.