Saturday, April 11, 2009

Abominable Bowing

Here's a typical article from Pajamas Media, by some jackass named Raymond Ibrahim:

"In the ancient world and throughout much of the Middle East today, bowing is just about the worst thing someone can do."

Raymond, we're not in the ancient world anymore. Except for right wingers, of course.
By the way, I'd like to ask some Iraqi citizens if bowing is just about the worst thing we could do, or if maybe they'd think killing several hundred thousand of their fellow citizens might just be a tiny bit worse.

"This.... reminds one of Bush’s hand-holding/kissing sessions with the same Saudi monarch, which some insist exonerate Obama’s bow. Not so; as the Greek historian explains above, such behavior is representative of equal rank in Eastern cultures."

Again, Raymond, we are not in an Eastern culture. In our culture male hand-holding/kissing sessions are representative of gay sex. Nothing wrong with that, as long as Bush is into it, but I'm just sayin'.....

By the way, aren't you conservatives always railing about politicians abandoning our culture out of misplaced concern for other cultures?

"It was one decade ago, when I studied ancient history with Victor Davis Hanson...."

Oh, forget everything. Now I get it. Victor Davis Hanson. Well, study with a lunatic, become one yourself, I guess.

You know, no amount of this crap can change the fact that George W. Bush sacrificed the welfare of Americans every chance he got, when it threatened the profits of his kissing cousins over there in Saudi Arabia. And you're worried about a so-called bow?

Get a life.

Note: Some of you may not be familiar with wackos like Victor Davis Hanson. Don't worry. Just keep reading here- you'll get up to speed on these guys pretty fast- they keep giving me material over and over again.

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Poll P. said...

Don't keep me guessing! Who is this "Victor Hansen"?