Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh No! Better Get Ready!

I found a new wacko website called (in an unusual fit of humor for a wingnut) "The Reality Check."
Here is a wonderful list of some of the things which they believe are going to result from Democrats over the next couple of years:

"• Higher prices for all goods and services

• Total government control of the media

• Total government control of the entire financial industry

• The end of free speech (US state police have already been apprised by the Obama administration’s DHS Chief Napolitano that all who hold conservative or third party viewpoints are to be considered ‘enemies of the state’)

Infanticide for failed abortions

• Total government control of ALL industries Obama et al deem “essential” (which is subject to change at a moment’s notice)

• The end to small business unless it supports the Left

• The end of the middle class—as Obama and Co and the globalists will have gutted the country’s treasury and placed US taxpayer money in their own pockets

• The criminalization of all political thought that is deemed non-supportive of the Left

• The prosecution of President George W. Bush for protecting the country against terrorists (in order to distract the masses from what Supreme Leader Obama and Co are really doing)

• The elevation of terrorists to a protected class (Islamists soon to be the global power elite’s Secret Police force?)

• Forced taxpayer funding for illegal immigrants

• The dismantling of the US’ southern border

• Major drug dealers covertly partnering with government

These are just a few of the stark horrors that are forthcoming—or have already arrived at our doorstep. "

Oh my God, no wonder we all need to go to tea parties!
I guess my favorite is the Islamist secret police force, although I also like the bit about partnering with drug dealers.

Wouldn't you love to have them explain what led them to believe this? I suspect the information was beamed down to them from Mars, through tiny rips in their tinfoil hats.

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