Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's All Their Fault

Here's a quote from National Review's The Corner, about why we should't prosecute our torturers. I found this masterpiece courtesy of the great Sadly No!

"Enforcement of the law is a significant consideration in any situation where the law has been, or may have been, broken."

Well, I'm glad they are at least willing to admit that. Continuing with this masterpiece of moral analysis:

"But it is a measure of how over-lawed we have become when people start thinking of law-enforcement as always the paramount consideration. In fact, it is sometimes not the paramount consideration even when it arguably should be. In a case that could potentially prompt unrest along racial or ethnic lines, for example, prosecutors will apply a higher standard of proof before charging — or even stay their hand entirely."

Oh, I so get it! I understand what the guy is saying here! We can't prosecute the torturers, and it is all the fault of the negroes.

Thank heaven for Conservative political thought. I don't think I would have ever figured this out on my own.

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