Monday, April 27, 2009

Sovereignty International

I found a particularly nasty anti-Obama screed on Renew America, today, and was going to subject it to its deserved dose of ridicule. In the course of checking it out, I found that its author was the head of an organization called Sovereignty International, Inc, whose name alone is beyond meaningful mockery.

Anyway, here is the cover of a book that this organization is flogging, apparently linking the United Nations with the Earth exploding in a ball of flame.

Nothing I could possibly say would discredit these lunatics more than this image.

A LITTLE MORE: This wanker is also the head of the "Environmental Conservation Organization," which is described as follows:

"Environmental Conservation Organization is a US-based organisation that was "founded in 1988 when 17 national organizations met in Chicago to devise a strategy to protect private property rights from erosion by excessive environmental regulations."

In other words, to prevent conservation. The right wing mind is a wonderful thing.

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