Monday, April 27, 2009

Republican Image Outrage Report

As there is nothing which is a sufficient target for the right's endless stock of hatred and phony outrage, It sometimes strikes at some very amusing things.

The first of these pictures was painted by some guy in New York. I'm not going to tell you that it is a particularly good painting, or that it is appropriate to exploit religious imagery in this way. Still, it is the product of one person with no connection to Obama.
So why is the Wingnutosphere awash in epidemic wailing about how this picture proves that Obama thinks he's Jesus?

Take my word for it (don't waste your time checking for yourself), this is one of the big right wing issues of the day! Glad they can find substantive issues in their desire to destroy Barack.

Here's another image that has aroused some ire on the right. Yes, that's a statue of Obama, sitting on a live donkey. This is somehow also interpreted as some kind of slur against Jesus, because it is a well known fact that Jesus once rode on a donkey himself. By that logic, it could equally well be a slur on Gabby Hayes. That possibility was not considered, in my opinion a big mistake, since Gabby Hayes has always been recognized as a defender of liberty, and not a cowardly, anti-american Muslim.

Well, good luck with this, guys. I am sure that your great plan for recovering your control over our government includes, as an early step, making total fools out of yourselves, in order to show solidarity with your "base." Still, I'm just not sure that it is going to work.

P.S. That "making total fools out of yourselves" thing? I've got to admit, you're doing a great job there.

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