Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wrong and Dumb?

I love this line from a Power Line article:

"I find this story notable in several respects. First, though, let's acknowledge this this was a rare occasion when Congresswoman Bachmann, a very smart person, said something that was both wrong and--sorry, Michele--dumb."

Rare Occasion? RARE OCCASION? It's a rare occasion when Michelle Bachmann says something both wrong and dumb?

Man, are you full of it. Take it from someone who knows. Green Eagle lives off of the times Michelle Bachmann is both wrong and dumb. And believe me, Green Eagle is living large.

MORE: This idiot goes on to blame Michelle's repeated humiliations on liberal bloggers, who search her every word for what they refer to as "mistakes." Guy, it doesn't take much searching, believe me.

"It would be interesting to try to add up the number of times we here at Power Line have caught errors that were made by Democratic politicians."

But you see, with Michelle we're not talking errors. We're talking grotesque, mind boggling acts of unbelievable stupidity and ignorance, blended with a spectacular (even for the right) disregard for the virtues of honesty. Deal with it.

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