Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'll Take This Deal

Gary Bauer, at Human Events, in a post that's too boring to link to, spews out the current Republican talking point:

"Now, with the revelation that many members of both parties, from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on down, were well aware of the enhanced interrogation techniques used in the dark days following 9-11, the question becomes: If Obama decides to prosecute, how many in his own party will need legal counsel?"

You know what, Gary? I'll take that deal. If it turns out that Nancy Pelosi and Jane Harman were in on the torture, I'm happy to send them off to prison. Just as long as they are accompanied by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, David Addington, Jay Bybee, John Yoo, John Ashcroft, Colin Powell, Porter Goss and every other sick Republican pervert who participated in this abomination.

You see, here is what you don't understand. You Republicans may not give a God damn about right and wrong when it stands in the way of your party and its unamerican goals. Democrats are different. Believe it or not, we actually care about something other than our own pathological self interest. What is is we believe in? That our government does not need to become a pack of criminals for us to survive.


Poll P. said...

I remember you saying that in answer to the question "Am I my brother's keeper?", Democrats say 'Yes, Indeed." and Republicans shout "Hell,No."

flavor411 said...

Republicans seem to regard politics as's ok for OUR team to break the law (cheat), but it's not ok for YOUR team to do it.
It's all about WHO WINS...not about WHAT'S RIGHT, or what's legal for that matter.

Not really what I would consider traditional American values from the fraudulent party that claims to uphold and defend traditional American values.