Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Million Armed Men, Oh My!

Some Jackass from the "Ohio Militia" has issued a call for:

"A peaceful demonstration of at least a million — hey, if we can 10 million, even better — but at least one million armed militia men marching on Washington. A peaceful demonstration. No shooting, no one gets hurt. Just a demonstration. The only difference from any typical demonstration is we will all be armed."

A million armed lunatics in Washington D. C.- Boy, that just has to end well.

Luckily, they have about as much chance of pulling this off as they do of getting a million dancing donkeys into the Lincoln bedroom. However, in case these idiots do try to come to Washington, here is my suggestion: The Thousand Crips March.

That should be about as many as it would take to send them all running home to mama.

So, have a nice day, guys.

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