Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be There or Be Square

Here's some garbage from Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs. Pam apparently feels that being (apparently) a Jew entitles her to tell any lie she wants about the Middle East:

"Dear leader is on the big screen again uh uh uh uh uhttering. Under your desks!

Re Israel: "I am a strong supporter of the two state solution""I believe there are a lot of Israelis that believe in a two state solution"

That's rich. Now he is speaking for the Jews. Yeah, the Jews strongly support the establishment of a jihadi terror state.

The prospect of peace still exists. It's going to require hard decisions"
The US is going to deeply engage in ths process"
It's not in the interest of the Israeli and the Palestinians to perpetuate the [the war]

He's wrong it is very much in the interest of the jihad to perpetuate the hostilities. It's the jihad, stupid."

Listen, Pammy, as a person who has lived and worked in Israel, and dealt with Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, Bedouins and Israeli Jews, I've got news for you. Obama is not speaking for Israelis when he says that many support a two state solution, he is simply telling the truth- a concept that is apparently foreign to you. The vast majority of Israelis I met favored such a plan. That's reality, not your apocalyptic fantasies.

Second, do you really believe that Palestinians are mindless, violent animals? Most of the ones I dealt with were normal human beings with the same longing for a decent stable life as anyone else. It is only the vicious hatemongers on both sides who insist that either the Palestinians or the Jewish Israelis are incorrigible murderers.

And, do you really claim that the prospect of peace does not exist? So the only answer is an orgy of violence like the one that got our country so far in Iraq?

Finally, may I point out that people like you are constantly claiming (sometimes truthfully) that antisemites conflate Israel with Jews in general, in order to attack all Jews. Yet you have committed the exact same sin above. When Obama speaks about Israel, you accuse him of trying to speak for Jews. I find this behavior extremely distasteful.

Here's some advice: Your lies only increase Israel's danger. Go live and work for a while in Israel. Maybe you'll figure it out. Although I doubt it.


(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Green Eagle, as much as it pains me to recount a personal anecdote, I experienced the same soul-murdering rhetoric within my own family.

About 25 years ago, I was living in London while attending the London School of Economics. When I returned to the States during a holiday visit, it was my own mother who asked how the first Infitada was reported in Europe.

I responded by recalling a incident on the Beeb showing an Israeli soldier trying to break the arm of a subdued Palestinian, as if breaking a twig over one's knee.

After a few moments of silence, I added this: If fate had put me on the other side of this divide, if I had children with no future, for instance, I would probably be throwing stones myself.

My mother then responded: "Son, I always knew you were a closet anti-Semite." To which I reponded: "At least in Israel, I would have more freedom of conscience than within my own family."

Nuff said.

Green Eagle said...

(O)ct(o)pus, thanks for the comment.
It suits the agenda of the neocons and the American press to present the Israeli situation in the most negative terms. It's easy for them to do, from 11,000 miles away. Israelis and Palestinians have to live with their actions and, are in my opinion, far more likely to make progress if they are not subject to manipulation by American politicians, and the settlers and Israeli orthodox Jews, who are overwhelmingly transplanted Americans.

I'm sorry, but I feel that this country is so infected by the last eight years of violence and hatred toward the Mideast, that we don't have much of a constructive role to play.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

we don't have much of a constructive role to playOnce upon a time we did have a "constructive role" but did not exercise it. I refer to a Chomsky-Ashkar analysis about mistakes in our Mideast policy, specifically windows of opportunity after the 1968 war and again after the 1973 war, that were ignored.

One problem is the neo-cons ... many of whom being Jewish intellectuals ... who would term any position other than their own as "anti-Semitic" thereby closing off any debate. Unless one's viewpoint was hegemonist, one was branded and condemned ...

Poll P. said...

This is an enlightening thread.

Green Eagle said...

Once again, (O)ct(0)pus, I agree. The neocons, many of whom are unfortunately Jewish, are content to have us believe that they are serving the interests of Israel. In fact, these contemptible people are serving nothing but their own malicious dream of world domination, and are, in fact, doing everything possible to make the situation in the Mideast worse.

Of course, as you point out, we once had a constructive role to play, but the evil aspirations of conservatives in this country have pretty much put an end to that, until a lot of repairing is done.

Step one- Prison for those involved in torture.