Thursday, April 23, 2009

From Conservative (i.e. ignorant) commentator Michael Barone, a perfect example of the pathetic state of the Republican party today:

"Barack Obama spelled out his positions on the issues during the campaign, but is letting members of Congress do almost all the heavy lifting now that he's in office.

Thus the $787 billion stimulus package was largely written by members of the Appropriations committees, with concessions made to the three Republicans whose votes were needed in the Senate. Health care bills are now being fleshed out by Chairman Max Baucus and ranking Republican Charles E. Grassley in the Senate Finance Committee, and by Democratic committee chairmen in the House. The administration has proposed cap-and-trade legislation to limit carbon dioxide emissions, but the sole working draft made public has come from House committee chairmen Henry A. Waxman and Edward J. Markey.

For those who remember Obama's promise to be a transformative leader, it comes as a surprise to see such deference to Congress."

Yes, Michael, but it might not come as a surprise to anyone who has happened to read the Constitution of the United States, or who took junior high civics. I guess you don't remember that "article one" thing, where the task of making laws is assigned to Congress, or maybe that "article two" part, where the task of making laws is not assigned to the President.

Here's how Obama is a transformative leader, in case you haven't figured it out yet: Obama is actually following the Constitution, instead of just endlessly blabbing about it. After the last eight years, that is, so to speak, all the transformation we need.

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