Monday, April 20, 2009

Here's something from one of the big right-wing blogs:

"Barack Obama has just taken the next step towards a complete disregard for America’s foreign policy by back slapping self-professed enemy to the “great Satan,” tin pot dictator and oppressor, Hugo Chavez. As Obama grins and associates with such low-end characters, treating them as worthy members of the international community, he drags down both the United States and any country that strives to treat its people with the dignity they deserve as human beings."

I'm not linking to this, and not even identifying what blog it came from, because you can find virtually the same sort of stupid childishness on any right wing blog, in any right wing newspaper, and all over cable TV.

They seem to have completely forgotten George W. Bush's craven appeasement of Saudi dictators, his collaborating with the dictator Musharraf in driving Pakistan into complete chaos, his pandering to the rulers of China to prevent them from pulling the plug on his economic joy ride, his gazing into Vladimir Putin's eyes.

These people have fallen so deeply under the spell of their cowboy tough guy delusions that they can't even recognize a strong President when they see one. If they didn't have it within their grasp to totally destroy our country with their greed and hatred, it would be funny.

Well, at least there is one silver lining to this ugly cloud- this is all they can find to complain about. If they really think a handshake is going to take them very far with anyone who is sane, they are in for a surprise. After their great tea parties have basically vanished into history in a few days, they are left with nothing. You know what that means? It means we have everything. Let's use it.

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