Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If you haven't been watching the news in the last half hour: Arlen Specter has announced that he is switching to become a Democrat.

I'm not making too much of this. Specter knows that he can't win the Republican primary in Pennsylvania, and he really wants to keep his seat. Specter has a long history of talking big, and then voting with the right when it comes down to it, so we will have to see if he is a Democrat in anything but name.

Still, with Franken that makes 60 votes.....

More: I just want to say that, over the decades, we have seen defections (usually, by the way going from Democrat to Republican), but I don't remember ever seeing such a high profile one. Could this, by any chance, precipitate further defections? I'm thinking of you, Susan and Olympia.

Still More: This is good for McCain.
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Still More: All Spin Zone has a great speculation here. Could this precipitate that serious politician and sincere bipartisan, Holy Joe, to become a Republican? I can hear his speech now about what a threat to the country it would be if Democrats had the power to enact a legislative agenda supported by the large majority of the American people, without gutting everything at the humble request of Republican lunatics.

Yet More Again: I heard an idiot on MSNBC claiming that "some Republicans are happy about this." Yeah, like you're happy when your dog dies.

More-More-More: I just heard that Michael Steele is now referring to Specter as "left wing." Does anyone remember that, in the 1950's, the John Birch Society claimed that Eisenhower was a communist? We're getting close to that territory now.
Hang on. This is going to be a great ride.

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